Cat Introduction

Travelling to the vet

Minimising the stress of a visit to the vets for your cat

Giving your cat a tablet

Some tips on how to give your cat a tablet

Harvest Mites and your Pets

How to spot and avoid these tiny, itchy irritations.

Choosing a Cat

Points to consider when choosing a new feline friend.

Pedigree Cats

The many different breeds compared.

Choosing a Cattery

Advice on how to choose a comfortable place for your cat to stay.

Moving House with your Cat

How to keep your pet happy and stress-free on moving day.


Learn more about this common feline disease.

Dental Care

Advice on keeping your cat's teeth healthy.


Find out why vaccination is so important.


Why, when and what is involved?


How, when and why your cat should be wormed.

Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Find out more about this common problem..


Avoiding these unwelcome visitors.


Avoiding the pitfalls to give you peace of mind.


How to ensure your cat finds his way home.

Training and Socialisation

The early years.


A general overview of feline diets.

Caring for your Older Cat

As cats live longer, find out what can be done to keep them happy and healthy.

Designing a Cat-Friendly Garden

Advice on keeping your cat close to home and safe - including a list of plants toxic to cats.

First Aid for Cats

The Do's and Don'ts of feline first aid.

Kidney Disease in Cats

A brighter outlook for this all too frequently seen disease.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Find out more about this hereditary cat disease.

Kidney Transplants in Cats

Good news or bad?


Up-to-date information about Feline 'AIDS'.

Prescribing legislation

Prescribing legislation

Further Information

Local and national contacts