DVC and Local Charities

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The staff of Darwin Veterinary Centre are very pleased to be associated with several local charitable organisations. The work that they bring us is always challenging and keeps us on our toes! We always endeavour to perform work for these charities at no more than cost price and give our time freely.

West Kent Badger Group

We don't see David Witherspoon of the West Kent Badger Group very often, but whenever he does visit us, things always get very exciting. David has worked with badgers for many years and is frequently involved in obtaining veterinary care for injured animals. As anyone who has been in the practice when David arrives knows, it is a great honour to see and work with these beautiful creatures at such close proximity. http://badger-groups.org.uk/west-kent/


As well as being an authorised neutering practice for pet owners qualifying for RSPCA assistance, our vets frequently work in close assocation with more than 15 RSPCA regional divisions and their inspectors. The vets are also called upon to act as expert witnesses in prosecution cases. We never know when or what the inspectors are going to bring us, but it is invariably an animal in need of love and understanding, as well as medical care. http://www.rspca.org.uk/


Although FOAL Farm has its own veterinary surgeon, based in Croydon, we are pleased to be available to them for any animal emergencies that may arise. FOAL are renowned locally for their care and rehoming of a wide variety of species, and we are delighted to be able to play a small part in their excellent work. http://www.foalfarm.org.uk/

British Wildlife Centre

The British Wildlife Centre, based on the A22 between South Godstone and East Grinstead is one of only a handful of specialist centres dedicated to our native animals. Nearly 40 different species are on permanent display in the Centre's 25 acre site and form the basis of a strong ethos of 'conservation through education'. The Centre is a must for adults and children alike, and is open daily throughout all school holidays and every Sunday and Bank Holiday from Easter until the end of October.

Some of the most popular animals include:

  • Oscar, Minnie and Megan, the otters;
  • A large and ever growing family of foxes;
  • Scottish Wildcats;
  • A family of badgers in their recently refurbished set;
  • Four species of native deer;
  • Breeding pairs of red squirrels;
  • Birds of prey including three species of owls, buzzards and a kestrel;
  • British snakes - including the poisonous ones!

The Centre is open for school visits, badger watch evenings, photographic days, children's birthday parties and private tours. For further information about the centre please ring 01342 834658, or visit http://www.british-wildlife.co.uk/

Cat's Protection League

Through the work of Silvana Locke, Darwin Veterinary Centre is frequently involved in caring for cats who are in desperate need of a new and loving homes. Whether a cat visits us for routine vacination, neutering or for more involved medical care, we are always pleased to help the local CPL volunteers, who nationally rehome more than 60,000 cats a year. http://www.cats.org.uk/

Animal Samaritans

Animal Samaritans work locally to rescue and care for unwanted, abandoned, neglected or ill-treated animals, and to provide new homes for them wherever possible. We are pleased to be assistance to them whenever the need arises. http://www.animalsamaritans.org.uk/

Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB)

Darwin Veterinary Centre is an associate practice of the Feline Advisory Bureau. The FAB is an organisation dedicated to promoting all aspects of feline welfare, and their web page is well worth a visit for any cat owner: http://www.fabcats.org/.