Eco Matters

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The environment, both locally, and on a global basis, is something that many of the practice team care about passionately. As such, we try our best to minimise the environmental impact of Darwin Veterinary Centre. We always welcome your sugestions on any issues, and Sonya would be delighted to hear any suggestions or advice on how we can make the practice greener. Listed below are some of our current policies.

  • All used paper and card is recycled as locally as possible;
  • The practice uses only recycled paper;
  • All printing is double-sided, where appropriate;
  • All internal lights are turned off when rooms are not in use;
  • Outside lighting is low-energy and minimised, and used to ensure security only;
  • Electrical equipment is not left on standby, but turned off when not in use;
  • Waste anaesthetic gases are actively 'scavenged' to avoid air pollution;
  • The practice is double glazed throughout;
  • The practice is extensively insulated;
  • Used plastic bottles and cans are recycled, as locally as possible;
  • Low energy air-conditioning is fitted to only some parts of the practice, and its use is monitored and restricted to ensure the comfort of our patients;
  • Low energy counter-current extractor fans refresh the air inside the building, whilst recovering heat from the expelled air;
  • Clinical waste, sharps and Doops are removed by only authorised and licensed waste disposal companies;
  • General waste is monitored and minimised, to reduce the need for landfill;
  • Printer and photocopier cartridges are recycled;
  • Light bulbs are long-lasting, to reduce waste.