A Tour of the Practice

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Since the practice's expansion in 2002-3, we now have two spacious consultation rooms. Each is fully equipped to enable the vets to thoroughly examine patients, and each room is served by a computerised record system, detailing all of our patients' medical histories. Both rooms contain walk-on scales to monitor your pet's weight, and light boxes to enable viewing and discussion of any x-rays that your pet may have had taken.
The Prep. Room is a large multi-functional room at the centre of the practice. As well as providing ample space for examining animals it is also where our patients are anaesthetised and prepared for theatre. Dirty operations, such as dentals are also performed in the prep. room to minimise the contamination of the sterile theatre. The prep. room also contains our in-house laboratory.
The in-house laboratory allows us to analyse blood samples within thirty minutes, assisting with the diagnosis of literally hundreds of medical conditions. Having a microscope allows us to examine a wide variety of samples such as urine, skin scrapes and blood smears, at up to 100 times magnification.
The X-Ray suite enables us to take radiographs of the smallest mouse, up to the largest, heaviest rottweiler. The automatic x-ray developer enables us to develop film within two minutes, to produce a dry radiograph which is ready to interpret immediately. Multiple x-ray viewers are mounted in rooms around the practice. The X-Ray suite is also equipped with an ultrasound scanner, which provides valuable, non-invasive, soft-tissue images.

Our new purpose built cattery provides our feline patients with a quiet and peaceful stay. The cages are made of high quality fibreglass, which is warm to the touch and easily maintained to a very hygienic standard. The clear glass fronts are 'sneeze resistant', as many feline diseases can be spread by coughing and sneezing. An extractor fan changes the air in this room three times per hour. All the cages are raised to give cats the height they prefer to sit at.

The kennel room was designed to maximise the comfort of our canine patients. The cages are the state of the art in kennel design, made of stainless steel for ease of maintaining a high standard of hygiene, and sound proofed. Each kennel is lined with an orthopedic mattress to ensure that our patients have a comfortable stay and are not stiff even after lying for long periods.
The reception and waiting room provide a comfortable seated area for patients and clients alike. We try to ensure that any waiting time is kept as short as possible and that the display boards are regularly updated with useful and interesting information for pet owners. If either you, or your pet, would prefer to wait somewhere quieter, or more private, please do not hesitate to ask at reception.
Our new purpose built theatre enables two operations to be performed simultaneously. Only 'clean' operations are conducted in this room; 'dirty' operations such as dentals are performed in the prep. room to keep the theatre as aseptic as possible. The room is deliberately kept as empty as possible to reduce dust, and the walls are damp dusted prior to surgery being performed. New anaesthetic units enable medical oxygen to be piped around the whole practice, and high-tech surgery tables ensure optimal positioning and comfort for all of our patients.
Our well stocked dispensary should ensure that whatever treatment our vets prescribe for your pet, the medication is available immediately. In addition to the prescription medicines, we also stock a wide variety of prophylactic medications for the prevention of fleas and worms. The daily deliveries from our suppliers mean that any medication, product or food can be obtained for you within 24 hours.